two young girls celebrating at a party

It's time to start planning your kid's birthday party and you really want it to be a good birthday party theme for kids. Choose any of these themes and put your own unique spin on them.

Cupcake Party

Kids and cupcakes go together like frosting and fluffy, delicious cake, so this is one of those party themes that is sure to be a hit with children. Prepare cupcakes using one or two cupcake recipes, such as vanilla and chocolate. Frost the cupcakes before guests arrive, then create a decorating station and let kids top their cupcakes with candy, chopped cookies and sprinkles.

Ice Cream Social Party

This is one "cool" party, and you can use the ice cream cone as a running theme for everything from party invitations to decorations. Color schemes should mimic classic ice cream shop colors. Pastel shades of blue, green and pink go nicely with soft shades of brown and a creamy shade of white. Turn balloons into ice cream cones with cone-shaped tan construction paper, tape and ribbon. Kids can build their own ice cream sundae with all the fixings too.

Bubble Party

Bubbles can be fascinating and fun for kids, and this party theme is all about finding creative ways to feature bubble shapes. All party décor should include circular shapes. Make sure you provide ample supplies of bubble-blowing novelties for attendees. Serve round foods such as burgers and cookies. Hand out light-up toys with circular shapes, like disco balls or rings, for added fun.

Glam Party

It's time to get glamorous, and kids can show up dressed to impress and ready to have a great time. There is a lot of room for interpretation with this theme. It can be a posh-style party with glam cake and décor from a specific decade such as '70s disco or '80s pop. You can also make it a glamorous princess party.

Wild West Party

This timeless western party theme can round up a good time by using rustic touches to give it authenticity. Consider covering tables in solid red or a red-and-white checkered pattern. Both red and blue make good accent colors as well. Bandanas can be used as wall décor and table mats, and you can create a vintage-style wanted poster featuring the birthday boy or girl.

Scavenger Hunt Party

Finding something of value is at the heart of this theme party, and you can create an adventure story to get kids invested in the hunt. Make a treasure map to set the scene, then tell kids the story of the treasure and set them loose finding hidden clues. Hand out prizes for discovering each clue to reward them.

Summer Camp Party

Summer camp is back in session for this fun party theme, and it's easy to pull off too. Décor can include a big tent for the refreshments. Keep other decorations simple to fit the theme by fashioning handmade camp signs that direct kids to various outdoor activities.

Car Race Party

This is a quick theme to create thanks to the black and white color scheme. For example, the black-and-white checkered finish flag should be prominent, then you can add checkered banners and race car wall décor.

Mermaid Party

Many kids are fascinated by mermaids, and some are fans of mermaid characters. Decorate using tranquil colors of blue and turquoise, complementing them with pink and green. Use shimmering curtains and table skirting for underwater glam.

Pirate Adventure Party

Send kids to a pirate hideout where they can hang out with fellow pirates and have a good time snapping up treasure and treats. Create a loot table for mini treasure bags filled with novelty toys and candy as party favors.