Choosing the right prizes

The most important part of any carnival are the prizes, and we have a great selection at American Carnival Mart! Best of all, we have prizes at a wide variety of price points, allowing you to make the most of every dollar in your budget. Go all-out with high-end prizes for your school carnival games to attract more attendees or stock up on the most affordable carnival prizes for a family fair to make sure everyone goes home from your event with something special.

Our collection of carnival game prizes below is divided into the most common price ranges. Prizes within the groups are based on an AVERAGE COST. For example, items in the 5-cent prize group range from 2 cents to 7 cents each. Be sure to select an assortment of toys in the low and high end to get an average of 5 cents per toy. Check out our Toys and Games page to shop by category instead.

Choosing game prizes across a variety of price points can be beneficial for your event. The prizes you select should be based on what you charge for a game, what profit you want to make, the game itself and the prize level (consolation, small, medium, large, choice, etc.). Check out our helpful Carnival Festival Planner for advice on planning your carnival. We also offer game sheets, which include our suggestions for how many prizes you should get and what the average price should be for each of the most popular carnival games.

In addition to having fair prizes and DIY carnival games shipped right to your door, you can also rent carnival games from our St. Louis location. Call us with your questions or to get copies of our carnival planner sent to you: 800-991-6818 or 314-991-6818.


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