Easter egg filler toys on natural background

We think filling Easter eggs is one of life’s most fun activities, and we hope you agree! In this spirit, the possibilities are endless. To give you some ideas for fillers — and since we have a direct line to the Easter Bunny, by the way — he’s sent us this list of his favorites. Naturally, we’re delighted to share them with you:


1. Squishy Mochi Toys

These cute little soft and squishy characters are the perfect size for filling your eggs. They come in bulk with tons of different styles to keep it exciting when kids open their eggs.

Squishy Mochi Toys 100 Pack Link

2. Name Brand Candy Assortment

A yummy, peanut-free candy pick with a large mix of classic famous candies that you know and love. It comes in a large 3.5 pound bag that will easily fill over 150 eggs.

Famous Brand Candy Assortment Link

3. Jumping Bunnies

These Easter versions of the classic jumping frogs toy are a fun and inexpensive way to add some novelty to your mix of egg fillers.

Plastic Jumping Bunnies Link

4. Chewy Candy Assortment

It's our most popular candy assortment for a reason - everyone loves chewy candies! If you're not sure what candy to use in your eggs, this is a great place to start.

Candy Assortment Link

5. Easter Tattoo Assortment

This cheery variety pack gives you so many choices, all in one package. These 1 ½” temporary tattoos feature special Easter animated designs, along with cute animals and eggs in different styles.

Easter Tattoos Link

6. Easter Friendship Bracelets

Little girls especially love these classic friendship bracelets in Easter pastel colors. Keep one and give one to your friend! With 48 per pack, they’re a steal at our low wholesale price. 

Easter Friendship Bracelet 48 Pack Link

7. Mini Puzzle Rings

These fun new puzzle rings give kids a flashy accessory and activity in one. And they fit the theme in an assortment of pastel colors.

Mini Labyrinth Rings 144 Pack Link

8. Sticky Bunnies

There’s something completely irresistible about these Easter bunny sticky hands toys. Stretch ‘em, twirl ‘em or hurl ‘em at a wall or smooth surface and watch them splat and stick. So fun!

Egg Fillers Blog Link

9. Prism Viewers

These little prisms give a fun kaleidoscope-like effect to anything you point them at. They come in bulk in fun bright colors, perfect for adding a splash of color to your egg fillers.

Link to Egg Fillers Blog

10. Spinning Laser Tops

Spinning tops are perfect fillers for eggs and they are never not fun! These inexpensive tops come by the gross and feature dynamic laser designs in lots of colors.

Spinning Tops Laser 1-5 144 pack link


These are only ten of our huge assortment of Easter-egg-filling possibilities, so make sure you check out all the Easter egg filler choices we offer. As you’re packing the eggs, think of the countless smiles and memories you’re creating by planning and preparing this wonderful, traditional celebration of Easter.