Why you'll love these prefilled Christmas stockings

Pre-filled Christmas stockings from American Carnival Mart make prepping for holiday events easy.

The hustle and bustle of the holidays helps make the season magical - it seems like there is always something to do. Holiday musicals, school programs, present shopping and wrapping, fundraising sales and Christmas parties - so many parties - fill out our daily schedules so much that we really don't get a chance to relax until January.

If you are one of the people tasked with putting together one of those wonderful Christmas parties, then you have all the hustle and bustle you can handle. And if that party is for children, then that's even more work on your plate.

Putting together a Christmas party for children is fun, but not easy. Because gifts are such a big part of the holidays, party planners feel pressure to ensure that guests receive appropriate gifts without it costing an arm and a leg. Find solutions to that here in our handy guide.

Perfect party gifts

Our pre-filled Christmas stockings are the perfect presents for your holiday party.

If you didn't know such things exist: These are stockings that have already been filled with candy, small toys, activities and more. These clever Christmas party favors are an exciting addition to your event for many reasons:

They are already packaged.

If you have ever filled stockings for just a few kids on Christmas morning, then you know what a hassle it can be. Running even more stockings through an assembly line of candy and knickknacks is not an effective use of your limited time.

They are filled with toys kids love.

We're talking everything from old classics to new trends. Fidget toys, activity sets, stuffed animals and games - kids will love what they find inside.

They are filled with candy kids crave.

You'll recognize many of these brand names of delicious treats. With everyday classics and Holiday favorites, they're bound to enjoy these!

Kids and parents can see inside them without opening them up.

We use a transparent mesh stocking, so that kids can see exactly what they are getting. This gives parents a chance to catch a no-no, and it lets kids get excited without dumping it out and making a mess.

They are incredibly affordable.

We use the power of bulk-buying to keep costs down for you. Holiday party budgets get stretched quickly, so spending less on presents will help in the long run.

They are available in a variety of sizes.

This also helps you stretch your party budget. You can also order one or two bigger ones as prizes, while picking up smaller ones for guests.

We make Christmas more joyous

At American Carnival Mart, we have much more than our nostalgia-inducing pre-filled Christmas stockings for your holiday prep. Our Christmas items include everything you need for a successful season, including decorations, party supplies, Christmas cards, costumes, presents, novelties and much more.

What would you like to do this Christmas? Contact our party experts: We've been helping people just like you for decades - we are a fourth-generation family-owned business focused on helping you make all that holiday magic real for your friends and family.