I wanted to pass along how happy we were with our Easter Egg order for this year. We heard many compliments on how nice all the items were in the eggs, and one parent in particular was extremely grateful that her child (that has multiple allergies) was able to enjoy everything in the eggs since they did not contain chocolate or peanuts. Thanks again!
Philip M.

Thank you for supplying our Easter eggs in North Carolina this year! They were a huge success and were a great product.
I had lots of people ask me for your contact!

CKM recently purchased a bulk of plastic Easter Eggs (Item #01852) for an event and cannot express enough how wonderfully pleased were are. Absolutely perfect! Fun Carnival from now on will be our first choice for event products!
Sue S

Our Easter Eggstravaganza went OUTSTANDING!! The eggs held up and even after ordering 20,000 eggs we had a handful that did not receive eggs!! So we are going to do this again next year and add a little more.
Also, the eggs held up GREAT and we will certainly order again next year. We had about 2500.00 people on our campus and we had awesome pictures taken of the eggs being dropped. The families had a blast.
Once again thank you for the outstanding customer service I always receive from you!!

I received the order of the eggs and the toy prizes for my egg hunt. I just wanted to send you a quick email to say the filled click n' catch toys surpassed my expectations. They are wonderful and I am sure the kids will love them.
Thank you for all your help!
Thea K

Thank you very much for working with us. Its always a pleasure to talk to you, and a breath of fresh air how much you are willing to work with us.

...I will say that out of all the years that I have worked with the City and ran our event, you’re company has been the best, most durable, and easiest product we have used.
Jeni C

I have actually exited out of this position but I am just forwarding along some notes about our egg hunt events to who is running them now. I will make sure to forward this to her too. I am sure they would love to continue ordering those smaller eggs, they are a great product!
Thank you so much for all of your great service, it has been a pleasure doing business with you over the past couple of years and I will definitely continue to recommend you to others!
Laura D

I wanted to follow up and let you know that the Easter shipment came perfectly on schedule and the plastic filled eggs were AWESOME. They were definitely the highest quality I've seen - they did not break open easily and the toys were a hit!
I look forward to ordering from American Carnival Mart again in the future.

Thank you again for the wonderful customer service and quality products, Cindy!
Warm regards,

Just wanted to say thank you so much again for the great service this year!

You've been great to work with throughout the years!
Nick T

Now that it has slowed down I wanted to thank you for making our Easter Egg Hunt a success.
Thanks so much
Heather H

Everything was great at our two Easter festivities.
My gracious thanks for working again with me this year and making the Easter events at The Greenbrier so successful.
God bless you and all the staff at Fun Carnival!
Take care.
My best,
Betsy C

I really appreciate working with you and your company. You guys have a great product and reasonable prices. The event went great! I'm glad we ordered more eggs this time. That was the right decision. Kids left with baskets full and big smiles! Yes, the eggs stayed together perfectly. I look forward to using you again in the future. You guys are great!
Jeff C

Thank you so much! The eggs were much better quality. We will surely be using you again next year.
Kelly M

We had a great Easter Egg Hunt. Over 400 kids and at least 400 parents showed up. Everyone was full of smiles and very happy with the candy and toys and brightly colored eggs.
Thanks for you help.
Judy R

We purchased Easter Supplies for an Egg Hunt held at our community for about 800 families.
The most recent purchase was for our Annual festival to kick off Summer. We have been impressed with the products we have received.
Megan C

Just wanted to thank you again man! Our Egg Drop was this past Saturday and bro it was amazing!!! We are a church of 400 only 6 months old, yet 10,620 people showed up for our Easter Event!! It was amazing!! People loved the Egg Drop! The News was there, it was crazy!
Thank you again for working with us.

For Easter Egg Hunt and Lunch - candy filled eggs... and gift baskets.. were wonderful last year!!!

First time ordering with you. Will definitely be ordering from Fun Carnival again. Delivery time was great and I love your Easter eggs. Best plastic eggs I have ever used and the colors are bright and fun. You are the only source I could find for the larger 3-1/4 " eggs. This size egg allows for bigger surprises inside. Will definitely recommend to others.
Doreen B

Our Egg Drop was a huge success this year. It was our first one and you guys provided the best eggs and were a great source of advice as well.

…You are absolutely correct when you mentioned that your eggs, filled with candy or toys, stay together. They remain tight when hiding them; they do not separate for the the contents to fall out. Plus, they are very colorful and a great size.
I appreciate your assistance in working with me on your product purchase and I look forward to future business contacts with American Carnival Mart.
Betsy C

Everyone talked about the quality of the eggs that were used for the Handicapable Easter Egg Hunt, and loved that they were filled by Handicapped individuals. They really stood up to the wear and tear of some of our members just tossing the eggs on the ground. The did not break open!
Ron G

We really appreciate you all being able to fill our egg order with such short order turn around. The egg quality, candy and eggs- were all good.
Randi V

Thanks again for your help and patience. You were the only place I could find on the web who had the right eggs in the right quantity for the right price. You've saved Easter for me and my friends.

Thank you for your professional assistance during my order. You were very friendly and easy to work with. The eggs were of great quality & all the kids loved them.
Thank you kindly for your help.
Jessica M-S

Well, our event came and went and now I realize that I never wrote you back to say thank you for all your help. Everything was just great and your products were a big hit with the kids as they have been all the years in the past.
So...thanks a lot and talk to you next Easter!

The quality was great for the price, everything was delivered quickly and on-time with no complaints. I will absolutely keep your company in mind for any future events.
Thanks Again!
Amber L

Everything was great, plan on getting in touch with me next year and we will do it again.
Will certainly keep y’all in mind for future events.

The eggs were perfect! The quality, color and candy/toys were perfect.

The event was a huge success.
Ed M

Your EASTER EGGS are just the BEST. You are right…they don’t open! We have two major egg hunts this week and we look forward to spreading your eggs all over our property!
God bless you Easter week.
My best.

American Carnival Mart provides a high quality Easter Egg. The eggs are sturdy and snap together very easily and stay closed. The top and bottom are connected making filling the eggs easy! These eggs are the highest quality but cheapest priced egg than I have seen from other companies. The colors of the eggs are very bright.

For Easter Egg Hunt and Lunch ...candy filled eggs.... gift baskets for Baby bunnies (ages 3 and under) Peter Cottontails (ages 4-6) and Jack rabbits (7-10). Each Category gets a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. They were wonderful last year!!!


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