Empty Plastic Easter Eggs 2-1/3" Blue (100 PACK)

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If all you want for Easter is a blue plastic Easter egg - here's the one you want. Our eggs are designed for Easter Egg Hunts, special promotions, parades and more.

What's so great about our eggs?
  • We use thicker plastic in bright & shiny colors
  • Our Custom Designed Hinge means no searching for matching tops & bottoms
  • The Super Seal snaps together tight. It's virtually pop-proof!
  • Our eggs are recyclable with a PP 5 seal on each one
  • Safety holes are drilled in our eggs to prevent choking

We are a direct importer - our prices are wholesale.

Packed 100 eggs

Shop by the Case (1000) to take advantage of our volume discounts!

We have Toys and Candy to fill your eggs, or you can make it easy with our plastic eggs filled with toys, candy or a stickers.

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