Lollipop Tree Carnival Game

Follow our how-to guide for creating this classic 'Winner Every Time' carnival game that's easy and fun for everyone. Marked lollipops win prizes, while the lollipops themselves are used as consolation. What better way to start a carnival than with a tasty lollipop and a chance to win big!

Set Up

Using our four sided cardboard lollipop tree, fill the tree with 100 lollipops per side (our tree will hold up to 110 per side). Use color markers to mark the ends of select lollipops that will win prizes. For each side, we suggest marking 12 blue for a medium prize and 1 red for the large (choice) prize.


You can make your own tree by drilling holes in plywood, using pegboard, styrofoam, or try using a shallow pan filled with sand

How to Play

Sell off one side of the tree at a time. Players simply pick a lollipop and check the end to see if they have won a prize. If it is unmarked the player just wins the lollipop.


  • Mark or clip the winning lollipops after they are chosen so they are not used again.
  • Consider rotating the tree when you get down to 10 or fewer lollipops.


How much you spend on prizes depends on how much you are charging per play and how much profit you want to make. You can easily adjust the numbers below to suit your needs.

Here are our recommendations for $.50 play or $1 play for 1 side of the tree, or 1 game of 100 lollipops.

Suggested Prize Cost (each)
Game Price
Choice (x1)
 Medium (x12)
Lollipop (x100)
$.50 $50 $3.50 $1.00 $.06 $29.50
$1 $100 $8.00 $2.00 $.165 $48.50


For each side you'll need 1 choice prize, 12 medium prizes and 100 lollipops. For a smaller 2 hour event we recommend using 2 sides of the tree. Use all 4 sides for a longer 4 hour event.


  • Display all of your prizes; the player does not need to know if the large prize on the active side has been won.
  • Our inexpensive Lollipop Tree Pops are great for $.50 per play games, but you should use higher value lollipops if you are charging more.

Get Playing!

The lollipop tree game may not be a huge money maker, but it's a quick and easy game that will be a hit at any carnival or event. Be sure to shop our selection of lollipops and carnival prizes at American Carnival Mart for the best value!