an inflatable pool filled with rubber ducks

Learn how to create this favorite 'Winner Every Time' carnival game that's perfect for smaller children. Ducks are marked with a number on the bottom that corresponds to a certain prize.

Set Up

  1. Set your duck pond on a level surface and fill with about 4" of water. You can use our small inflatable pool or another water receptacle of your choosing.
  2. Get your ducks! Be sure to use ducks that float upright like our plastic duck pond ducks or our premium self-righting sailor ducks so the prize will stay hidden. About 2-3 dozen ducks work well.
  3. Number the bottom of the ducks with permanent marker to correspond to your different prizes. We like to use 10 different prizes to make it more fun and exciting, in which case you will number your ducks from 1 - 10.
  4. Prominently display your prizes with the corresponding numbers clearly marked.

TIP: Use clear nail polish over the numbers to prevent fading

    How to Play

    The player simply selects the duck of their choice and wins the corresponding prize. You can try using a butterfly net or other grabbing device to add more skill to the game, but we like to keep it simple so small children can play. When they are done, put the duck back in the pond.

    TIP: 2 or 3 people can play at a time.


    To keep it simple, we recommend choosing prizes of approximately equal value. To calculate how much you should spend on prizes, first decide how much you are charging per play. Here are some popular options:

    Game Price  Prize Cost
    $0.50 per play 25 cent prizes
    $1 per play 50 cent prizes


    We recommend getting 2 dozen of each of the 10 prizes, or a total of 20 dozen prizes for a typical 2 hour event.

    The above options will make you a 50% profit. Of course, your profit margin is totally up to you! See all of our prizes here.

    Get Playing!

    Having games that even young children can play is a must for any carnival, and the duck pond game is a perennial favorite. So get your ducks in a row and get started!