poster pitch game box on concrete

This DIY Poster Pitch game is a fun take on classic ring toss carnival games. Kids love winning posters they can take home to decorate their rooms, and they make perfect targets for this fun ring toss game you can make yourself!

Set Up

This game is simple to set up and play. You can use our Poster Pitch Game Box with pre-drilled holes, or make your own. Find a square box that's about 24" square and cut 16 holes to hold the posters.

Our 3" Game Rings are perfect for this game. If you are making your own box, make sure the poster holes are small enough that it isn't too difficult for the rings you are using.

Mark a throwing line 6' away from the box with tape, a pennant string, rope or other barrier.

Make sure you have rubber bands to hold the rolled up posters, you'll want to roll all of them up ahead of time so you can easily replace them as they are won.

How to Play

Each player gets 3 throws to win a poster. Players stand at the 6' throwing line and try their best to ring a poster. If successful, the player gets to keep the poster they rung.


Pitch Til-U-Win: Let players throw until they win a poster (make sure to charge enough per play to cover the posters)


The posters are the prizes in this game! We offer a fun kid-friendly Poster Assortment or you can source your own. Posters that are about 20" x 16" work great for this game. For a 2 hour event, we recommend purchasing 100 posters. Our posters cost $.60 each and we recommend charging $.50 per play. For the Pitch Til-U-Win option, consider charging $1. You can adjust the game price based on how much your posters cost and how much profit you want to make.


  • Display some of your posters to advertise the game
  • Since all posters are the same value, you can let winners trade for a different one if they would like.

Get Playing!

We love this game for it's simplicity and fun prizes. Posters are inexpensive but have a high perceived value, so kids will be drawn to your game booth for the chance to win one. Try a poster pitch game at your next carnival!