Can Knocker Carnival Game

This classic carnival throwing game will test players' skill and keep them coming back for more. We'll guide you through how to run this popular bean bag tossing game at your next event.

Set Up

  • Set up 6 metal cans on a level table about 1" or two fingers distance apart. The closer the cans are set, the easier the game becomes.
  • Be sure to set up a backdrop, tarp or netting behind the game to catch the bean bags as they are thrown.
  • Set the throwing distance 8 feet away from the cans. Use a pennant string, tape, chalk or something else to mark where the player should stand.


  • We recommend running 2 games per 10 foot booth.
  • Denting the cans will make the game harder and help control the number of winners.
  • Suggested Sign: "NO CROSS THROWS"

    How to Play

    Each Player gets 2 bean bags to knock all 6 metal cans down with an overhand throw. If the player knock them all down on the first throw they get a large (choice) prize, if they get them all down in 2 throws they get a medium prize.

    TIP: This is a game of skill. Consider limiting players to one choice prize per day so they don't wipe you out!


    This game has 2 prize levels. See our suggested prize values below for $.50 per play or $1 per play. For a 2 hour event, we recommend 6 choice prizes and 3 dozen (36) medium prizes. Buy more for longer events.

    Suggested Prize Cost (each)
    Game Price
    Choice Prize (x6)
     Medium Prize (x36)
    $.50 $8.75 $1.00
    $1 $16.50 $2.00

    Get Playing!

    It's not a carnival without this classic bean bag toss game! Everyone will want to have a go when they walk by your booth. Be sure to have exciting Carnival Prizes or Plush Prizes to draw people in!